Growth consulting for startups and mobility service providers

Successful business development requires a vision for tomorrow as much as an understanding of what the current organization of today can deliver. We always aim for a pragmatic approach to achieve the necessary speed for growth.

We provide expertise for:

Preparation and execution of capital increase transactions

Cap table optimization and cap participation options

National and international expansion strategies

Concept development and roll-out management

Interim Management as CEO, CFO, COO

Organisational Design

Organisational design describes the direction for an organisation to go (…)

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation and organisational change describe the way and means to (…)

Our diagnostic tools

Before starting any measure, it is necessary to analyse and understand any organisation (…)

Sales Strategy Development

Currently the automotive industry is undergoing substantial changes and it is much easier (…)

Sales Strategy Implementation

Currently the term “customer centricity” and the need for an organisation to become (…)

Focus E-mobility

The e-mobility readiness analysis allows to compare maturity and importance from an (…)