Automotive strategies

Currently the automotive industry is undergoing substantial changes and it is much easier to blame the industry for the current situation than developing and providing solutions. Due to the size, tradition and the role of the automobile in our society it is only natural that changes cannot take place instantly. Organisational transformation requires as much an understanding of the future state as well of its current culture and constraints in order to develop a solution approach.

Corporate sales

Corporations select their fleet based on different parameters than private customers and one of their main drivers is the total cost of the fleet. The costs of the cars are only one part of it, additional services such as fleet management and additional service packages come on top of it. Yet many manufacturers fail to measure the value of their customers other than in terms of how many cars they buy every year. In particular the segment of small and medium fleets is an underestimated segment, where the particular challenge is to combine a sophisticated long-term approach while managing the short-term volume pressure at the same time. We provide support for that business area from the fleet strategy development on headquarter level to the implementation of it including sales trainings for fleet sales specialists.

Fleet management

Fleet management requires much more than managing a good discount. Often the fleet manager is appointed without a proper training and job description and needs to do that on top of the other daily activities. A particular aspect of the costs of a car park are the hidden costs, such as insurance, accident management and poorly managed contract hire returns. In our projects, we have achieved on an average a two-digit cost reduction in the fleets without changing the car categories.

Used car auctioning

The used car business is characterised by a lack of transparency in terms of how many days a car is stationary, moreover the related costs of that are often sugar-coated as the daily average costs in the statistics also include very old vehicles with practically no residual value. Another issue is the lack of standardisation when it comes to evaluating the status quo of a used car, not only cross-border but even within a country.
As this is a market gap, we are part of the multi-platform used car auctioning solution 2trde, where any corporate customer is invited to participate.