What we can do for you

Our service spectrum covers the design and development of a startup or corporate strategy or organizational transformation and also the implementation of it. The level of support ranges from strategic consulting to operational steering and active implementation support, including employee training and coaching. Our expert network in various fields and countries allows us to provide solutions that require large scale interventions as well as specific industry or subject matter expertise.

Organisational diagnosis

Before starting any measure, it is necessary to analyse and understand any organisation first. We have developed two different toolsets, the organisational readiness model (ORM) which leads to the organisational readiness index (ORI) and the organisational transformation blueprint (OTB) which leads to the organisational transformation index (OTI) in order to evaluate the current status quo of an organisation and have a base line for subsequent activities.

Strategy development

The challenge in today’s business world is the growing speed of changes and the increasing complexity of requirements. The starting point for any successful organisational design and transformation is the definition of the strategy and direction. However, some strategies neglect the capabilities and possibilities of the current organisation. Therefore, a necessary starting point for every activity is a gap analysis comparing the desired future state and also the status quo today.

Operational steering

We also intervene when it comes to operational steering of a transformation. As there are many different project management methods, it is crucial to understand the implications, advantages and inconveniences of various methods and select an appropriate methodology in line with the respective transformation requirements. We have experienced that in some instances an old fashioned classical project management approach is still better suited than an agile approach, however that is not the case in all situations.

Customer integration

Especially in sales, we are surprised, how many decisions are taken and solutions are developed without actively involving the customers. Therefore, a key success factor are joint workshops and exchange sessions consisting of people from any organisation plus their customers. This allows integrating the customer into the solution development as it already happened in the past with suppliers on numerous occasions.

Interactive workshops

Interactive elements are an integral part of organisational development for us. Therefore, our focus is to develop solutions together with our customers and not only for them. An integral part of our work are workshops within the organisations in order to identify gaps, develop ideas and derive solutions. Although we also provide one-time workshops, we have made the experience that a regularity in that approach helps to keep the project momentum going.

Staff training

We also provide training solutions for organisations, although our focus here is mainly on sales organisations. The trainings range from programs for all levels of sales people, from top management programs to retail sales trainings.